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050 390-00-18

Business Hours

Mon. - Fri. (9:00 - 18:00)

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How to get to us

Our address: 04074, Kyiv, str. Konoplyanska, 12

Белянська Людмила Леонідівна
Белянська Людмила ЛеонідівнаDirector LLC “NVP”DIN LTD”

050 390-00-18

Мележик Надія Ярославівна
Мележик Надія ЯрославівнаQuality Manager

099 373-57-59

Буланцова Сніжанна Леонідівна
Буланцова Сніжанна ЛеонідівнаHead of the Testing Laboratory

050 411-77-46; 093 454-83-76


Complaints or appeals

In case of receipt of an appeal or complaint addressed at the CAB LLC "NVP"DIN LTD ", the management of the appeal or complaint is carried out in accordance with the requirements of this procedure. All appeals and complaints are sent only in writing (letter, e-mail).
Filing an appeal or complaint does not suspend the validity of the decisions made by the CAB LLC "NVP"DIN LTD ".
Upon receipt of the complaint, it is analyzed by the CAB LLC “NVP”DIN LTD" in order to determine whether it relates to the activities of the CAB LLC “NVP”DIN LTD", if so, for consideration of appeals and complaints in the CAB LLC "NVP”DIN LTD"  the Appeals Commission (hereinafter the Commission), which considers appeals and complaints is created (in each separate case).
The functions, duties, rights and responsibilities of the Appeals Commission are set out in the Regulations on the Appeals Commission of the CAB LLC “NVP“DIN LTD” RD P № 034-13.
CAB LLC "NVP"DIN LTD "confirms receipt of the complaint or appeal and notifies the complainant or appellant of its receipt.
04074, Kyiv,
street Konoplyanska, 12,


050 390-00-18
Head of the laboratory
050 411-77-46
093 454-83-76
Quality manager
099 373-57-59

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